Grnrngr Grumble Bee
Fun in the during...Zero Suit and Blue Ranger to fight the Grumble Bee.

Zero Suit and Blue Ranger Vs. Grumble BeeEdit

Zero Suit the Yellow Ranger (ally hero with Blue Ranger Billy) - to fight the Grumble Bee - przyu2 ep06 style
Blue Ranger (ally with Zero Suit) - to the take on the Grumble Bee

Grumble Bee

Zero Suit and Blue Ranger to meet Grumble Bee, first off, Grumble Bee shot stingers from his fingertips which weakened Billy. Zero Suit used Climb Tree and kick. Zero Suit used for Blue Ranger's high kick and miss them.

Grumble Bee firing the ultrasonic waves at...Zero Suit and Blue RangerEdit

Zero Suit had to used cover her ears, to said 'You alright Billy', about the ultrasonic waves of Grumble Bee - pr ep 51 style
Blue Ranger had to the cover her ears with Zero Suit, about the ultrasonic tones of Grumble Bee - pr ep 51 style

Grumble Bee's Ultrasonic Tones (effect as Zero Suit and Billy)

  • Grumble Bee fires off yellow sonic waves of energy at Zero Suit & Blue, striking them as they grasp their helmets, until a series of explosions knock them off their feet.
  • Close on Zero Suit & Blue, as they writhe about on the ground, clutching the ear areas of their helmets.
  • Grumble Bee leans back and raises arms for a moment, then walks forth, wiggling excitedly as he closes in for the kill.
  • Zero Suit & Blue, still clutching at their heads off and on, are up in semi-crouching positions. Zero Suit turns and nod-talks to teammate, he nods in response, and they quickly rush off to our right.
    • Fades to black
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