S2E24 You got tricked
You Got The Tricked! is a Halloween Episode to during fun with...Luna Loud the Skeleton Costume about the best monsters from the past among with the villainess like a Halloween plan with Shego & get rid of the Operatives from...Sector V.

Carlos and the CountEdit

Carlos is bitten by a lunar bat and begins to develop strange symptoms associated with vampirism.

Orchestral Maneuvers in the ParkEdit

Lord Zedd sends down Trumpet Top to attack the Power Rangers and cause them to believe they’re fighting monsters from their past.

The Great EvilyzerEdit

A new weapon enables Astronema to turn virtually anything evil which leads the Space Rangers to face a corrupted Delta Megaship.

Grandma MatchmakerEdit

Ashley’s grandmother arrives for a visit in order to get Ashley a husband. Meanwhile. Astronema sends down Mamamite to plant her babies in the soils of Angel Grove.

Monster ImpostorEdit

Nukus has Les create Chameleon Monster to capture Flabber and steal the power of the Beetleborgs.

Horror HotelEdit

Flabber and the House Monsters turn Hillhurst into "The Horror Hotel" to raise money for renovations.

Shego and his MonstersEdit

Various Halloween MonstersEdit

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