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With Weapon, Vehicles, Mirror and Fruit is a summer special episode to during good time for the best, for...Numbuh One and his Operatives. Meanwhile, Dark Oak sends the planning good-like a evil monsters with Mad Mike and create real monsters for the plan. can Leni Loud only a fight with the monsters.

Trouble by the SliceEdit

  • During a test of a new teleporter weapon created by Porto, Divatox is accidentally sent to Earth with a bad case of amnesia.

Totally Slammin' Sector CyclesEdit

  • The siren-song of Les' latest creature, Hagfish of Gar, threatens the children of Charterville from falling under its spell. Luckily, the latest issue of the Beetleborgs Metallix comic features the debut of new motorcycles for the team, known as the Sector Cycles, which Flabber brings to life to aid in defeating the horrible menace.

The Wanna-Be RangerEdit

  • Lord Zedd uses Zack’s white gorilla costume to create Primator, a monster with the ability to transform into any Power Ranger.

Two Heads Are Better Than OneEdit

  • Tommy & Jason are teaching a self-defense course for the mothers of Angel Grove, and when Rita hears Tommy utter the phrase “Two Heads Are Better Than One”, she decides to take his advice for herself and sends down the Two-Headed Parrot to attack the Power Rangers.


The Pizza Monster - Mad MikeEdit

PRT Classixx - Mad Mike

The Good Girl - LeniEdit

S1E07B Leni says like
  • Friends: Numbuh 1 (Love Interest)
  • Monsters: Mad Mike, Hagfish of Gar, Primator and Two-Headed Parrot
  • History: Power Rangers Turbo & Beetleborgs Metallix
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