Dark Oak (Sonic X Finale) - Ep. 23 - TV-Rip UK - by Andyscot
With Portal & Super Demon Forms is a episode to during semifinal villains with Captain Mutiny, Diabolico, Olympius, Pale Bay Leaf, and Black Narcissus. Numbuh 1 and his Friends teammup of the best unlikely team as Britney the Spy, Jake Long, Pacifica Northwest and The Bratz Babyz. can't the heroes defeat Captain Mutiny and his Villains in the Ultimate Showdown of Fight.

Escape the Lost GalaxyEdit

When Captain Mutiny’s forces successfully capture several of Terra Venture’s citizens and subject them to slave labour on a nearby planet, Mike risks his life and goes undercover to retrieve them, in doing so he meets a young girl and her sickly grandfather.

Rise of the Super DemonsEdit

Olympius and an enslaved Diabolico both attack Mariner Bay, gaining incredible power and taking the zords to their limits, forcing the necessity of the dangerous Lifeforce Megazord.


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