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With Lip & Hungry is a Halloween episode to during fun with Numbuh 4 with Star Butterfly. Meanwhile, Shego help with the Dazzlings sends down the monsters in town. can't Bratz Babyz help it.

The Ghost is ToastEdit

  • Trip and Van hire a bogus ghostbuster to exterminate Flabber from Hillhurst.

Power Ranger PunksEdit

  • When Baboo poisons Kimberly & Billy’s lemonade with a potion that turns them into punks. Meanwhile, Trini, Zack and Jason must do battle with the dangerous Terror Toad who defeats his opponents by eating them.

Foul Play in the SkyEdit

  • When Kimberly joins her pilot uncle on an airplane, Rita uses a sleeping potion which knocks him out while he is piloting the plane. With very little help, Kimberly must then safely land the plane and join her fellow teammates in battle with the monster Snizzard.

Putty on the BrainEdit

  • Lord Zedd casts a spell on Billy & Zack’s new glasses causing them to think their fellow Ranger friends are Z Putties.

Monsters with the DazzlingsEdit

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