With Fire and Sleep is a summer special to during Dark Oak creates two monsters with Flame Head & Chillyfish, to destroy Kids Next Door for good. to the send message for Starlight Glimmer & Trixie. can you defeat it?

Where There's Smoke, There's FireEdit

  • Aisha is made Fire Safety Captain during Angel Grove High’s Fire Safety Week. She ends up taking the job a little too seriously and alienates everyone around her. Meanwhile Lord Zedd sends Flamehead down to Angel Grove and teaches Aisha a thing or two about teamwork.

Silent SleepEdit

  • A colossal sleep epidemic grips Terra Venture, cutting off consciousness from everyone except for Leo & the Magna Defender, who has successfully acquired the elusive Lights Of Orion. Believing the power of the lights can save the colony, Leo & the Magna Defender clash in an effort to control the Lights Of Orion.

Flamehead & ChillyfishEdit

MMPRS2 Classixx - Flame Head
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