Welcome to the Shadow World is a Halloween episode to during with...King Sombra belongs to the friend-like government named "Gatekeeper" from the Shadow World to brought the demons come to life to destroy as...The Bratz Babyz.

Sorcerer of the SandsEdit

Ryan locates the wise and powerful sorcerer responsible for banishing Bansheera and her horde, and asks that he helps him in his time of need. Meanwhile, The Gatekeeper Of The Shadow World confronts the Lightspeed Rangers and sends them into the depths of the demonic graveyard.

Shadow World of the DemonsEdit

Among the demons in the Shadow World are. Thunderclaw, Spellbinder, Quakemon, Furnace Monster, Freezard, Fireor, Arachnor, Liztwin, Shockatron, Treevil, a skeleton-themed monster, a dark blue moth monster, a goldish bat-like monster, and a brightly colored flower monster.

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