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Welcome to the Horror Hotel is a Halloween episode to during with Lincoln and his 9 Sisters in the Horror Hotel. Meanwhile, Black Narcissus had an idea about of the monsters plan. can't Numbuh Five beat those monsters by a plan as...Black Narcissus.

Horror HotelEdit

  • The house monsters create a hotel in the Hillhurst Mansion, but what is there to do when one a new creation of Les Fortunes checks in?

Stitch WitcheryEdit

  • Ashley’s new sweater becomes the city’s newest fashion sensation. Divatox places a formula on the sweater, turning anyone who wears it evil, which includes the Blue Senturion.

The Turn of the Wretched WrenchEdit

  • Ashley begins to devote most of her time to catching up in Autoshop but Divatox’s latest scheme has her Maniac Mechanic steal her lucky wrench to build a Battle Wagon.

Spirit of the WoodsEdit

  • Whilst jogging, TJ meets a mysterious young boy called Erutan whose power may be all that can aid the Power Rangers in their struggle to prevent Divatox from laying waste to the forests of Angel Grove.

Monsters with Black NarcissusEdit

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