Triassic Power! is a episode to during with Triassic Red Ranger as Conner for Lincoln. Meanwhile Black Narcissus sends the monsters in plan. can Numbuh 1 and his Spies to do it!

Triassic TriumphEdit

Zeltrax creates a new monster from the White Ranger Clone’s DNA, White Terrorsaurus. Unable to defeat White Terrorsaurus and the White Ranger, the Dino Rangers must uncover a legendary shield.

Enter...The LizzinatorEdit

Kimberly’s younger cousin Kelly is having difficulties obtaining a spot on the Angel Grove Cheerleading Squad. When Rita sends down the Lizzinator and has Kelly kidnapped, she must escape by putting to use everything she’s learned.

Two Heads Are Better Than OneEdit

Tommy & Jason are teaching a self-defense course for the mothers of Angel Grove, and when Rita hears Tommy utter the phrase “Two Heads Are Better Than One”, she decides to take his advice for herself and sends down the Two-Headed Parrot to attack the Power Rangers.

A Monster of Global PorportionsEdit

Delegates of the impending Peace Conference in Switzerland arrive in Angel Grove, and Lord Zedd takes full advantage of their arrival to initiate an international incident by unleashing a monster created from the sculpture of a world globe.

Monsters with Black NarcissusEdit

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