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Theres A Kiss Summer of Love is a summer special episode to during Numbuh 4 love interest into Blythe Baxter. Meanwhile Black Narcissus sends Wedding Dress Org & create previously destroyed female monsters. with the Maronda, Bloom of Doom and Mantis to destroy Lori & Leni for good.

Three's A CrowdEdit

  • Danny finds himself caught in a love triangle when he meets his childhood sweetheart Kendall whilst pursuing the dastardly Wedding Dress Org.

A Red RomanceEdit

  • Leo finds love in a girl named Ginger. However, she has an overprotective older brother who does not want Leo to date his younger sister.

Bloom of DoomEdit

  • When the Power Rangers start up their own clubs at the Youth Center, Lord Zedd uses this to his advantage and casts a spell on Kimberly, making her very jealous and hostile towards Trini.

Plague of the MantisEdit

  • While learning a new fighting technique, the Praying Mantis, Trini has some difficulty mastering the move. When Rita sends down Mantis to face Trini, she quickly learns to grasp the concept and uses it to defeat her opponent.

Female MonstersEdit

Wedding Dress Org & Black NarcissusEdit

Wedding Dress Org
Black Narcissus (Sonic X UK)
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