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The Very Sunsetting of Evil, Zelkova is a special summer episode to during destroy Kids Next Door for good. to deal as...Dark Oak & creates army of 'Hotter' Monsters.

Welcome to Venus IslandEdit

  • A day at the beach for Tommy, Kimberly, Trini & Trini's young neighbour Hallie is interrupted by Goldar & the Putties. Goldar kidnaps the young girl, and holds her for ransom on Lord Zedd's mystical Venus Island. The Rangers must race against the clock to get to Venus Island before it vanishes. Unfortunately, Zedd has the Invenusable Flytrap monster guarding the way.

Sunset Boo-LevardEdit

  • An aging starlet from Hollywood's silent era (and now ghost) shows up at Hillhurst, wanting to make a comeback.

The Turn of the Wretched WrenchEdit

  • Ashley has trouble in auto-shop at school, which she's taking out of a desire to prove she can do anything a boy can. Her "lucky" wrench, given to her by her teammates to encourage her efforts, gets turned into the evil Wretched Wrench by the Maniac Mechanic monster. Manny, as the alien is called, is hired by Divatox to first repair the Subcraft's periscope, and sticks around to help dismantle the Rangers! Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull take jobs with a towing company.

Memories of MirinoiEdit

  • Shondra, Maya's childhood friend from Mirinoi, suddenly appears up on Terra Venture. They resume their friendship, pushing Kendrix out in the role of best friend. When Kendrix begins to suspect Shondra of having a connection to the Rykon monster who's trying to capture the Galaxy Book, is she just letting jealousy cloud her judgment?

Zelkova and his MonstersEdit

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