Numbuhs 1-5 in Pose S4e02
The Ultimate Showdown of Evil Zords Destiny of the Bigger Final Blow, with...Kids Next Door is a summer special to during fight with...Divazord, Sharkzord & Catzord are destroy the plan for...Dark Oak. to a plan fate of the end with...Kids Next Door.

The Rival RangersEdit

  • Ashley falls for Bobby, a new guy at Angel Grove High. Cassie, though, has the same feelings, and saw him first! The two gals get rather down and dirty in competing for him. Who will he choose to ask to the big dance? Meanwhile, the aptly named Sharkzord, is piloted by Porto in battle against our heroes.

Parts and ParcelEdit

  • Bulk and Skull are blamed for the thefts of several mechanical parts from the "Super Duper Fast Delivery" service they've begun working for. TJ attempts to help prove their innocence, since the parts are actually being stole by Piranahtrons to aid in the repairing of the Evil Zords. Speaking of which, the third and final one, Rygog's Catzord, is unveiled, as all three of the Evil Zords are reunited on Earth to battle against the Rescue Megazord, Turbo Megazord, and Robo Racer, for one last big battle!


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