Sam, Clover, Alex & Britney (Suit Form) - S02 - Totally Spies! UK
Lights, Camera, Spies! is a summer special episode to during fun with...The Spies of WOOHP including Sam, Clover, Alex & Britney to get into action against...Pale Bay Leaf to brought the Showbiz and his create the past monsters to battle against the...Spies.

Lights, Camera, ActionEdit

The Power Rangers are expected to appear on national television to deliver a message of peace, but Lord Zedd tries to interfere by creating a monster out of a television camera.

A Brief Mystery of TimeEdit

The Zeo Rangers become trapped in a dangerous game of “cause and effect” thanks to a time paradox created by Prince Gasket.

The Song of ConfusionEdit

Cassie holds several auditions for a new band, but the members she accepts have already signed a life-long contract to Divatox’s Army. Once signed, the renegade musicians perform a grating, sense-shattering number that plays havoc with the equilibrium of all who hears it, including the Turbo Rangers.

A Ranger Among ThievesEdit

Andros falls in with the wrong crowd when he befriends a group of car thieves.

The Curse of the Mummy's MommyEdit

Mums' mom arrives at Hillhurst and gives Mums a beautiful and powerful ancient ring. When Les tries but fails to steal the ring, Nukus appears.

How Does Your Garden GrowEdit

Little Ghoul says she's bored and Flabber is bewildered about how to keep her entertained.

Pale Bay Leaf & Showbiz MonsterEdit

Pale Bay Leaf (Sonic X UK)
Showbiz Monster

TV All-Star MonstersEdit

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