Evil Titanium Ranger (PRLR-UK) - by 76859Thomas
The Story About of the Good and the Bad Hero as...Titanium Ranger is a Halloween Episode in two-parter, to during the evil Titanium Ranger is created by King Sombra and his Enemies. to a plan history of the evil king named known as...Diabolico the Evil King. can't the Operatives of Sector V, before it's too late...

From Deep in the ShadowsEdit

The testing of a new, but unstable morpher leads to its rejection, but when the morpher is later stolen from the Aquabase, the Lightspeed Rangers are soon confronted with problems presented not just by Vypra and her attacking hoards, but by the startling power and might of the renegade Titanium Ranger, whose identity shakes Captain Mitchell to his very core.

Truth DiscoveredEdit

The secrets and danger poised by The Titanium Ranger forces Captain Mitchell to reflect on the day his young son Ryan was given to Diabolico in exchange for saving his life. Now Ryan is out for revenge, can the iron will of the Lightspeed Rangers overcome a heart torn asunder?


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