The Semifinal Battle - With The End of KND is a Episode to during fun with...Kids Next Door Operatives of Sector V with...Numbuh 362, Numbuh Infinity, Ladybug and the Four Spies of WOOHP. to a plan & defeat...Mega Nukus, Vilor, Horribelle, Dregs, The Steve, Pale Bay Leaf, Black Narcissus and the many villains of Power Rangers. A plan goes with...The Mega Spectra Beetleborgs with...Kids Next Door.

Super FangEdit

  • When Flabber makes Fangula think he possesses superpowers, our fanged friend decides to attack the Crustaceans and Boron!

A Line in the SandEdit

  • The Space Rangers are transported to a barren desert where they are are pursued and attacked by Tankenstein. Zhane intervenes with his new Lunar Rover but the creature returns to Angel Grove where a battle above the city leads to a devastating loss.

Escape The Lost GalaxyEdit

  • When Captain Mutiny’s forces successfully capture several of Terra Venture’s citizens and subject them to slave labor on a nearby planet, Mike risks his life and goes undercover to retrieve them, in doing so he meets a young girl and her sickly grandfather.

Rise of the Super DemonsEdit

  • Olympius and an enslaved Diabolico both attack Mariner Bay, gaining incredible power and taking the zords to their limits, forcing the necessity of the dangerous Lifeforce Megazord.

A Calm Before the StormEdit

  • With all of the mutants recaptured, the Time Force Rangers reflect on their experiences together as they prepare for the inevitable final battle.

Sealing the NexusEdit

  • Master Org begins making preparations for a ceremony that will grant him limitless power. In a bid to free the captive Princess Shayla, the Wild Force Rangers, aided by Toxica & Jindrax, battle against several resurrected Org Generals.



  • Mega Nukus creating villains and monsters from "Saban's Power Rangers" series to destroy them.
  • So Numbuh 1 help with Numbuh 362, Numbuh Infinity and his Other Teams.
  • Among the villains and monsters at the quarry are: Mega Nukus, Vilor, Horribelle, Dregs, The Steve from "Operation: T.R.E.A.T.Y.", Pale Bay Leaf, Black Narcissus, Tankenstein, Captain Mutiny, Barbarax, Super Demon Diabolico, Super Demon Olympius, Max Axe, Frax, Retinax, Mandilok and Nayzor.
  • Mega Spectra Beetleborgs defeats Tankenstein from A Line in the Sand, Captain Mutiny & Barbarax from Escape The Lost Galaxy, Diabolico and Olympius with the Super Demon Forms from Rise of the Super Demons, Max Axe and Frax from A Calm Before the Storm and Retinax, Mandilok and Nayzor from Sealing the Nexus.
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