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The Rangersgiving Weekend IV is a another marathon to during fun with...Numbuh 1 and her Teammate with Numbuh Infinity at the Convention Center of KND. a plan time for the best annual Thankful Food Party. Meanwhile, Dark Oak had a great idea about the meanest monsters of plan. can't the plan with...Bratz Babyz, Bratz Babyz Twinz and the Four Spies.

Storybook RangersEdit

  • Kimberly finds a book which delighted her as a child at a book fair, but Rita soon traps her, Tommy & Rocky inside the book and makes plans to ensure the book never has a happy ending.
  • Tommy, Kimberly & Rocky ally themselves with a grouchy character from the storybook and journey to see Mondo The Magician. Meanwhile, Rita & Zedd takes Bulk & Skull’s custom made monster and turn into the ferocious Turkey Jerk.

Wild West RangersEdit

  • Kimberly is thrown backwards in time and finds herself in the Old West, where she meets the ancestors of her friends.
  • With Lord Zedd’s forces poised to conquer the Old West, Kimberly has no choice but to teleport to the Command Center and asks Zordon to give the Power Coins to her friends’ ancestors.

Return of the Green RangerEdit

  • The sinister Wizard Of Deception is summoned to deal with the Power Rangers. Intending to trap them in the past, the Wizard Of Deception makes preparations to deal with the teens valiant leader Tommy by pitting him against none other than himself.
  • The White Ranger confronts his clone, armed with the Green Ranger powers, and the two clash. Meanwhile, trapped in the 18th century, the powerless teens are confronted by the Wizard Of Deception and two very large rats.
  • As the Green Ranger unleashes the Dragonzord, a weakened White Ranger struggles to keep his clone under control.

Zelkova and his Thankful MonstersEdit

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