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The Rangersgiving Weekend II is a another Thanksgiving Marathon to during fun of a best with the Kids Next Door of Sector V and the beating Dark Oak and his Enemies with the return of Psycho Rangers, a return of evil named "Nightmare Moon", to the belongs a villain locations with the Secret City and the Specteur Theateur to the annual best of the carnival of monsters, including with the Kids Next Door, Bratz Babyz, Pacifica and the Spies.

Mission to Secret CityEdit

  • Carlos & Andros are transported with a group of people to a secret city, where Astronema is slowly digitizing the human population into datacards.

Ghosts in the MachineEdit

  • The Space Rangers return to the Secret City to continue their efforts to rescue the citizens imprisoned there, but the spirits of old enemies intend on regaining corporeal form at any cost.

The Robot RangerEdit

  • During an outing in the Juice Bar, Justin stumbles on Ashley with wiring in her arm.

Invasion of the Ranger SnatchersEdit

  • Whilst serving as movie extras in the filming of a new theatrical science fiction adventure, the Zeo Rangers find their lives on the verge of a permanent cut when Prince Sprocket intends to use them in his newest production.

The WeddingEdit

  • The Power Rangers embark on a whirlwind tour of Australia. Meanwhile, an old enemy returns to the moon to exact her revenge on Lord Zedd the only way she knows how by making herself his bride.
  • Betrayed by a malfunctioning Alpha and trapped inside a theater house full of familiar foes, the Power Rangers struggle to fight their way through the carnival of monsters and escape. Meanwhile, preparations are made for the fiendish union of two masters of evil.
  • The Power Rangers make a dash for freedom as Lord Zedd and his new bride Rita Repulsa make their way to Earth with the intent of finishing them off.

Dark Oak & Nightmare MoonEdit

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Nightmare Moon -..forever!- S5E26

The Specteur Theateur MonstersEdit

Dark Oak's Thankful Party VillainsEdit

Zelkova and the Guard MonstersEdit

Monsters in the Plaza Angel Grove with ZelkovaEdit

The Battle of the Two Giants - Zelkova & VacsackerEdit

YellowZelkova - by sonic x blogspot uk
PRIS Classixx - Vacsacker (Zord Battle) - The Secret City

Battle of the Monsters from the Abandoned TheateurEdit

The Giant Monsters in the BattleEdit

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