The Rangers' Photo Finish is a summer special to during fun with...Power Rangers Time Force, to during Numbuh One's Photograph & B-Roll Movies, to fun a during gets known as...Dark Oak.

Full ExposureEdit

  • An ambitious tabloid photographer named Mitch hires Katie to help him lug around his equipment as he tries to discover the secret identity of the Power Rangers! Despite her best efforts to throw him off, he manages to snap a shot of the Time Force team unmorphed. Katie must find a way to appeal to his neglected artful side to override his paparazzi greed, lest their cover be blown. If she can't, will she let him fall down an elevator shaft to his doom when Artillacon fires upon the newspaper building?

Movie MadnessEdit

  • Famous stunt-actor Frankie Chang is in Silver Hills, filming his latest movie! The Time Force team excitedly visit the set, with Wes ending up getting a job as a stunt double. But as the stunts grow more and more dangerous, our heroes begin to realize that all is not what it seems, and that the director is actually the mutant Cinecon, who's really filming "The End of the Power Rangers!"
  • The Rangers are trapped in Cinecon's movie dimensions: Wes & Trip in a western, Lucas in a samurai flick, Katie in a musical, Jen in a kung-fu film, and Eric in a jungle picture. To escape from those, and through multiple others while being chased by Ransik and his Cyclobots, our heroes will have to literally take the script into their own hands!


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