The Quarterfinal debut with...Titanisaur & Bansheera is a Quarterfinal Episodes to during Dark Oak in the plan of Quarterfinal Villains with Titanisaur send with the evil Captain Mutiny. Queen Bansheera's Body Form among with the commanders as Pale Bay Leaf and Black Narcissus.

Raise the TitanisaurEdit

  • Captain Mutiny elects to unleash his own beloved pet Titanisaur on Terra Venture, prompting the Galaxy Rangers to rely on as many resources as possible to repel it.

Wrath of the QueenEdit

  • Queen Bansheera uses Vypra’s life energies to restore her body to its full form. She then manipulates the last of her active generals, Loki into confronting the Lightspeed Rangers at Mariner Bay Stadium, intending to lure them all into her domain.

The Monster Demise of the Fate - TitanisaurEdit

Titanisaur (Ep. 41) - by 76859Thomas

Queen Bansheera and his Metarex CommandersEdit

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