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The Flashes of King Sombra is a mid-season finale of the mid-end as...The Kids Next Door to seem the evil clutches of the demon-like evil King Sombra.

Flashes of DarkondaEdit

Andros finally realizes that Darkonda was the creature that abducted his sister when he was a child, and journeys to the Planet Onyx inconspicuously to gain revenge.


King Sombra will be the main villain from the best-like popular show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".

King Sombra is a history was ones of the main antagonists in the between seasons 3 & 9 episodes "The Crystal Empire" & "The Beginning of the End".

Among the characters seen on Onyx are Quantrons, Tenga Warriors (one was holding the Pike Weapon of a Gatekeeper from Power Rangers: The Movie), Octophantom, Sinister Simian, Batarax, Snow Monster, Dischordia's Dress Form, Aunt Ant, Marvo the Meanie, Psycho Yellow's monster form, Shadow Chromite, a Cog, a Z-Putty, Coralizer, Punch-A-Bunch, Stag Beetle, an alien with the head of a Varox, an unnamed Megaranger cicada monster, an unnamed white smudgy monster from "Alien Rangers of Aquitar", Beetleborgs monsters Stego Dreg (who worked as a bartender), Ptera Dreg, Terror Bear and Triplesaurus Rex, a monster that resembles Beetleborgs monster Hammerhands with normal hands and a Maggot from Masked Rider.

During the fight between Numbuh 1 and King Sombra, King Sombra watches as Numbuh 1 steals the keycards to chase them away.

At the end of episode Numbuhs 1-5 still of the fighting against King Sombra and turns with a monster called "Mutantrus" to destroy them ally forever.

King Sombra & MutantrusEdit

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