Midnight sparkle commission by illumnious-dar06se
The Mid-Finale Week with the Evil Villains as...Midnight Sparkle is a Halloween episode to during the end of near into darkness of evil in the Halloween Villains as...Midnight Sparkle, to the destroy enter...The Kids Next Door.

A Line in the SandEdit

  • The Space Rangers are transported to a barren desert where they are are pursued and attacked by Tankenstein. Zhane intervenes with his new Lunar Rover but the creature returns to Angel Grove where a battle above the city leads to a devastating loss.

Brohterly FrightEdit

  • Noxic's brother, returns and now he transforms into a buffed-up man named Herc-Uleese to spy on the Beetleborgs. For his disguise, he puts the House Monsters to work, exercising to become as muscular as he is. When the Beetleborgs are suspicious about this man, they go investigate and surely, they witness his transformation powers.

Fright FilesEdit

  • An author of children's books visits Hillhurst for inspiration, until he himself is transformed into a monster.

Tankenstein and his EnemiesEdit

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