Maya & Billy - a power ranger couple of a love - by 76859Thomas
The Memories of Best Friend & Science High School is a Christmas episode to during fun with...Maya & Billy goes the love of heroes ever, Cosmo the Seedrian goings on the Holiday Gift Shop with Clover in Beverly Hills Mall. Dark Oak creating Rykon to a fun of best plans and destroy Britney & Alex from the Two Spies of WOOHP expect Shondra under the evil spell and steal the Galaxy Book, Trakeena send down the Grumble Bee.

Memories of MirinoiEdit

Maya’s childhood friend from Mironoi, Shondra arrives on Terra Venture. The reunion between the elated friends however is short-lived when Kendrix begins to suspect Shondra is behind an attempt to steal the Galaxy Book.

Grumble BeeEdit

When Billy receives his very first B, Rita send down the Grumble Bee.

Britney & Alex vs. RykonEdit

Britney (Super-Suit-Spy-Style) - S03 - Official Fun of a Fight - TS!-UK
Alex fight pose - S5 - ts-uk


A evil plan-like Christmas - Shondra & Grumble BeeEdit

Shondra & Grumble Bee - by 76859Thomas

  • Shondra from Maya's Best Friend, and Grumble Bee from Billy's Rival to a plan time & destroy the Christmas in the Mall of Angel Grove.

Maya vs. Grumble BeeEdit

Maya vs. Grumble Bee - by 76859Thomas

Maya fight alone in a fight Grumble Bee.

Grumble Bee's defeat/Final SceneEdit

Maya defeats Grumble Bee at once. Billy Cranston came back from the Angel Grove Basketball Court Park. Maya to a love as...Billy.

"The End".

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