It's A New Parody That I Made Up With Of Disney's The Little Mermaid

Cast Edit

  • Ariel - Kimberly (MMPR)
  • Flounder - Tails (AOSTH)
  • Sebastian - Jukebox James
  • Scuttle - Sonic (Sonic X)
  • Ariels Sisters - Sam Clover Alex Rogue Jean Grey and Shadowcat (Totally Spies X Men Evolution)
  • Ursula/Vanessa - Rita Repulsa/Nadira (MMPR/PRTF)
  • Triton - Zordon
  • Prince Eric - Me
  • Floatsam and Jetsam - Bocode and Decode (Sonic X)
  • Grimsby - Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic X)

Gallery Edit

Small image kimberly pink ranger
Where are they, where is Tails to try kill Goo Fish and Grumble Bee to with Black Narcissus - Classixx
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