The Identity Crisis of T.J. - A Blue Space Ranger Christmas Special is a Christmas episode to during fun of the superhero brave named "T.J." the Blue Space Ranger. to the plan called "Dark Oak" having a monster-like villain named "Darkliptor" and his army of the two monsters. can't the plan with...Numbuh 2.

T.J.'s Identity CrisisEdit

  • TJ suffers a severe blow to the head and develops amnesia, whist Darkonda & Ecliptor’s fragile alliance is made all the more literal as they merge to form the hybrid threat known as Darkliptor.

Trust in MeEdit

  • Rocky attempts to befriend a stubborn blind karate expert named Penny. The Machine Empire deploys a defector monster to Earth who befriends Rocky, unaware of his true intentions to lure him into a devastating trap.

Opposites AttractEdit

  • Billy becomes smitten with one of Kimberly’s friends, whilst Lord Zedd transforms the Blue Ranger’s new polarizer device into the monster Magnet Brain.

Darkliptor and his MonstersEdit

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