The Hallowtastic with...Father is a Halloween episode to during fun with the KND Archenemy named "Father" to brought the hyena-like villain named Skelerena. to the brought back of the monsters are been-like destroyed, to amongs villain called "Cree Lincoln". can't the Kids Next Door Operatives defeat "Beetleborgs" monsters from the Skelerena.

Mirror of RegretEdit

  • Adam is confronted by the darkest demons of his past when Goldar exposes him to the Mirror of Regret.

The Littlest BrattleborgEdit

  • Oliver visits his cousins - Drew and Jo and when he pretends to be a Beetleborgs by dressing up like one, the Magnavors capture him as they believe he is a real Beetleborg.

Pet ProblemsEdit

  • Zoom Comics discovers a lost pet while the Beetleborgs had to take care of another monster released from the Comics.

Fangula's Last BiteEdit

  • Count Fangula's "victim quota" is low, as he hasn't drank any blood in weeks! Vlad the Impaler, head vampire from the old country, comes to Hillhurst to make sure he gets back on track.

The Good, The Bad, and The ScaryEdit

  • A spell causes the kids to switch bodies with the Magnavores.

Monsters with Cree LincolnEdit

A Halloween Monster Surprise - SkelerenaEdit

MMPRS2 Classixx - Skelerena

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