Hexuba (PRLG Morphinlegacy)
The Halloween Empress of Hexuba is a Halloween episode to during of the two-parter with...Hexuba and his Pirates. to a plan with Nightmare Monster and brought the ghostly destroyed monsters to the destroy as...Lost Galaxy Rangers.

Dream BattleEdit

When the dream-weaver Hexuba casts a spell that forces the Galaxy Rangers to confront a host of enemies and chaotic situations in their dreams, it soon falls to Mike to awaken his teammates from this nightmarish onslaught.

Hexuba's GraveyardEdit

Hexuba’s next stratagem against the Galaxy Rangers is to resurrect several old enemies and unleash them one after the other. Kai elects to go on a dangerous mission within the heart of Hexuba’s lair to destroy the source of the Galaxy Rangers nostalgic nightmares.

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