Numbuh 1
The Great Cooked-like Style of a Halloween Style with...Numbuh 1 and his Friends is a Halloween episode to during cooking like a plan time as the Pizza for the friends including Spies, Star Butterfly, Phineas Flynn, Milo Murphy, Dipper, Mabel and Pacifica, with Numbuh One. Meanwhile, Dark Oak had an idea about "The Pizza Monster" making and create the horribile monsters style with Mad Mike. can't Numbuh 1 and his Operatives find out with...Numbuh 60.

Trouble by the SliceEdit

  • During a test of a new teleporter weapon created by Porto, Divatox is accidentally sent to Earth with a bad case of amnesia.

Don't Fear the ReaperEdit

  • The Grim Reaper comes to Hillhurst. Not to kill anyone, but to train Little Ghoul to be his replacement!

The Old Gray FlabberEdit

  • Horribelle leaves a portrait of Flabber on the front porch. And when Flabber retrieves it, and constanly glance at it to see his beautiful self. One thing he does not know is that the painting is sucking the life out of Flabber, making him older and weaker. He refused to destroy it because he was so handsome in the portrait, but the Beetleborgs had to do something before it was fatal.

Son of FrankenbeansEdit

  • Dr Baron Von Frankenbeans sends his latest creation, a younger version of Frankenbeans known as "Little Frankie", to live with his "big brother" at Hillhurst.

The Curse of Mummy's MommyEdit

  • Mums' mommy, who is also a mummy, comes to town.


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