The Gift of Hillhurst is a Christmas Episode to during fun with...Quincy Modo with KND Operatives, Ladybug, The Four Spies of WOOHP and Bratz Babyz to defeat...King Sombra.

The Hunchback of HillhurstEdit

  • After Nano and Aaron tell the kids the legend of the Hunchback of Hillhurst, they run into a slightly forgetful hunchback named Quincy Modo.

Beauty and the BeastEdit

  • The Power Rangers must put a stop to Lord Zedd’s evil plans when he decides that he would like to have a queen by his side and chooses Kimberly for the job.

Two for OneEdit

  • While on a date with Tommy in Angel Grove Park, Kimberly’s purse is stolen by Lord Zedd’s Putties. Lord Zedd makes the contents of the purse into two monsters.

Forever FriendsEdit

  • There’s tension in the air when Kimberly needs to compete in a gymnastics competition against Aisha’s former best friend, Shawna.

King Sombra and his MonstersEdit

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