K.n.d. kids next door
The Finale Battle of End with...Kids Next Door of the Team of Sector V is a episode to during fun with...Kids Next Door in the end.

A Reel Fish StoryEdit

  • While Rocky as working as a life guard at Angel Grove’s lake, Lord Zedd summons all the underwater themed monsters the Power Rangers have faced before.

Nothing to LoseEdit

  • Mack begins to feel that he is expendable and confronts Moltor within his volcano lair in a bid to reclaim the crown of the Corona Aurora.

Dark Oak and his Two MonstersEdit

Pale Bay Leaf & MoltorEdit

Pale Bay Leaf (2x23) - TVRip - by Andyscot
Moltor (Ep. 31) - Nothing to Lose - Final Appearance - by 76859Thomas

Black Narcissus and his Sea MonstersEdit

Moltor and his Two Metarex CommandersEdit

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