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The Fall Premiere of the Season Blockbusters of Saban Marathon is a summer special episode to during Numbuh One continues with the Rangers & Beetleborgs Metallix to fight against as...Dark Oak and his Monsters.

Brother, Can You Spare An Arrowhead?Edit

  • Tommy tracks down David, held captive in a mysterious cave, but is confronted by King Mondo, who demands the Arrowhead be given to him before he releases Tommy’s brother.

Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers Part 2Edit

  • After being shrunk by Shinkasect, the Turbo Rangers soon learn that they are slowly turning into insects.

The Rangers' Mega VoyageEdit

  • Surviving a devastating battle with Darkonda, the Space Rangers flee to the moon, where they unlock the powers of Zordon’s hidden Mega Voyager.

Olympius AscendsEdit

  • In the aftermath of the battle with Diabolico leaves an exhausted group of Lightspeed Rangers at the mercy of a new and immediate threat.

Clash for Control Part 2Edit

  • With The Q-Rex under Ransik’s control, the nefarious mutant begins to launch an assault in the present.

Crush of the CrustaceansEdit

  • The Beetleborgs are no match for Nukus as he blows away their powers and freezes Flabber and plans to take Art hostage thinking he was the one who created him.

Metallix RisingEdit

  • With the Crustaceans on the rampage, Arthur draws Drew, Roland, and Joe new BeetleBorg outfits and weaponry, all of which are brought into reality by Flabber. Armed with their new powers, they kids become Beetleborgs Metallix and venture forward to counter the evil onslaught…

Battle Station AlertEdit

  • The Crustaceans attack the Beetleborgs' Battle Station which contains the Beetleborgs' vehicles, and successfully annihilates all the content of the Station.

Dark Oak and his MonstersEdit

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