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The Fall Fun with...DK and his Crew is a episode to during DK and his Crew. Meanwhile, Midnight Sparkle creating monsters for the best of Dazzlings, ever. can't the plan as...Numbuh 5 and his Spies to the defeat Wise Wizard and his Dazzlings.

Double DutyEdit

  • Kendrix becomes a stand-in for her identical double, a well-known actress, as Scorpius deploys another ferocious monster to locate the Lights Of Orion on the film set.

Foul Play in the SkyEdit

  • When Kimberly joins her pilot uncle on an airplane, Rita uses a sleeping potion which knocks him out while he is piloting the plane. With very little help, Kimberly must then safely land the plane and join her fellow teammates in battle with the monster Snizzard.

The Song of GuitardoEdit

  • When Lord Zedd spoils the teens picnic in the park, and unleashes his Guitardo monster on Angel Grove, it’s up to Kimberly & Tommy to rescue their friends from the trance Guitardo has them under.

Beauty and the BeastEdit

  • The Power Rangers must put a stop to Lord Zedd’s evil plans when he decides that he would like to have a queen by his side and chooses Kimberly for the job.

A Date with DangerEdit

  • Zhane & Astronema fall head over heels with one another when the Silver Ranger saves the Princess of Evil from a rogue monster.

The Wheel of FateEdit

  • Divatox’s forces uncover two powerful vehicles, the Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster.


Wisewizard and the DazzlingsEdit

Dazzlings enter the gymnasium EG2
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