The End of the Week, Classic Summer style - with KND & The Spies is a summer episode to during fun with...KND and the Spies to the return after time known as...King Sombra and his army of the past monsters.

Dark Specter's RevengeEdit

  • Dark Specter, enraged that the Space Rangers are in possession of his most valued ally, decides to reclaim his former servant by hurtling an asteroid towards the Earth.
  • Determined to prevent the asteroid from colliding with the planet, the Space Rangers use all of their resources and zords. The intervention of a familiar ally helps to turn the tide, but for the Space Rangers, their victory comes with a price as Karone is again enslaved to Dark Specter.

The Puppet BlasterEdit

  • King Mondo corrupts Puppetman, a machine that entertains children, and has him hypnotize the children of Angel Grove.

For Cryin Out LoudEdit

  • Tommy & Katherine are given the responsibility of looking after a baby for a day, a youngster named Joey, whose persistent crying causes havoc when it is magnified ten fold by the Machine Empire’s latest product, Boohoo The Clown.

Forever FriendsEdit

  • There’s tension in the air when Kimberly needs to compete in a gymnastics competition against Aisha’s former best friend, Shawna.

King Sombra and his MonstersEdit

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