The End of KND Sector V - with Numbuh 1 and his Operatives is a episode to during the final saga with...Numbuh 1 and the Operatives of Sector V.

Experiment in EvilEdit

  • The house monsters have grown restless waiting for the Beetleborgs to defeat Boron, so they recruit Dr. Von Frankenbeans.

Mega Borg PowerEdit

  • The Crustaceans tap into Charterville's sewer system to pump toxic waste into the Crypt, where it morphs into a giant fire-breathing lizard.

Sector V vs. Monster MotherEdit

Numbuhs 1-5 in Pose S4e02
Monster Mother

Sector V vs. RepgillianEdit

Numbuhs 1-5 in Pose S4e02

Roboborg vs. Dark OakEdit

Roboborg - S2e35 - by 76859Thomas
Dark Oak - Finale - Agent of Mischief - S2 - by Andyscot

Roboborg in the defeat of the Metarex - Dark OakEdit

Dark Oak defeated - S2e23 tvrip - by Andyscot

A Ending - BeetleborgsEdit

Beetleborgs Metallix with Mega Spectra Armour - Series Finale - by 76859Thomas

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