Numbuh Infinity (KND-UK) - TV-Rip
The End of K.N.D. World Enter as...Numbuh Infinity is a episode to during end of the plan with...Numbuh Infinity. to the defeat enter as...King Mondo. for the fate of KND with...Numbuh 1 and his Teammates with Numbuh 362.

Good As GoldEdit

  • Jason becomes the target of The Machine Empire & Rita & Zedd, as his Gold Ranger Powers frequently abandoning him and threatening his life.
  • With the Angel Grove High talent show around the corner, the Power Rangers have a lot to deal with when Finster creates Fang in celebration of Rita’s birthday.

A Star is BornEdit

  • While Tommy auditions for a role in a karate commercial, his friends are in danger when they are put up against two fearsome monsters.

Green No MoreEdit

  • Tommy gets a cryptic warning from his future self about the status of his dwindling powers. Meanwhile, the remaining Power Rangers have a problem of their own when Lord Zedd has plans of assembling his own team of Dark Rangers.
  • Lord Zedd & Goldar trap Tommy in another dimension with plans to strip him of his Green Ranger powers once and for all.

Missing GreenEdit

  • Jason is still down in the dumps about Tommy losing his powers, but he must get over it quickly when the remaining four Power Rangers are imprisoned by Goldar.

King Mondo and his MonstersEdit

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