The Debut of Deviot & The Psycho Rangers in the Classic Halloween Fun is a Halloween Special to during fun with...Deviot becomes a mutant & the birth of Psycho Rangers, history the plan by Dark Oak. can't the plan with...KND Sector V.

Rangers Gone PsychoEdit

Angel Grove is thrown into chaos when doppelgangers of the Space Rangers turn on the city. The real Space Rangers confront their duplicates, and in the ensuing battle, they discover the true nature of their enemies as the Psycho Rangers, soldiers of Astronema, prove to be a formidable force.

Enter the Lost GalaxyEdit

An ancient warrior arrives on Terra Venture intending to take the Galaxy Book and safeguard it. When confronted by Kai, he informs him he has a special destiny ahead of him.

Mutanted Deviot and his Psycho Rangers with Dark OakEdit

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