The Cool Holiday Sale of the Year of Numbuh Infinity is a episode to during fun of the best annual Holiday gifts for the friends of Numbuh Infinity. Can't the plan with...Spies defeat those of the monsters by Pale Bay Leaf.

Loyax Last BattleEdit

  • An ancient warrior called Loyax, having turned to villainy despite still carrying a code of honor, asks Trakeena to appoint him a task so he may have a glorious final battle against a worthy opponent.

Trip Takes A StandEdit

  • Frax uses a device to trigger hostile tendencies in a reluctant mutant, forcing a considerate Trip to stand up for him when Eric arrives determined to destroy him.

The Wasp with A HeartEdit

  • Cassie befriends a monster who now seeks to break away and join the side of good, but Astornema learns of the intended defection and orders the creature’s destruction.

The Great Bookala EscapeEdit

  • The Power Rangers befriend a kindly alien who crash lands on Earth. Lord Zedd sets his sights on the alien’s diamond energy source, which could give him limitless power.

Two for OneEdit

  • While on a date with Tommy in Angel Grove Park, Kimberly’s purse is stolen by Lord Zedd’s Putties. Lord Zedd makes the contents of the purse into two monsters.

Pale Bay Leaf and his MonstersEdit

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