The Classic Match-Up of Summer is a tv special episode to during fun with...The Kids Next Door.

Rocky Just Wants To Have FunEdit

Rocky becomes obsessed with Ernie’s new pachinco machine, and when Lord Zedd casts a spell on him, Rocky soon makes having fun his only priority.

The Ranger Who Came In From The GoldEdit

Bulk & Skull stumble on the Midas Hound, a machine creature which can turn everything it touches to gold, including living people.

The Whole LieEdit

Justin’s compulsive lying soon leads the Power Rangers into great danger.

When Push Comes to ShoveEdit

Cassie loses her diary, which she believes may contain a picture of her that would reveal her identity as a Power Ranger. Meanwhile, Prof. Phenomenus unveils a new plutonium fuel. Astronema becomes aware of this, and has the Elephantitan monster try to topple the skyscraper the fuel is being stored in.

Fangs Over ChartervilleEdit

Flabber hosts a special breakfast for everyone at Hillhurst. Miffed that there is no blood, Fangula storms off and bites Van and Trip.

Pet ProblemsEdit

Things get hairy when the terrible trio decides to cause a little "pet mischief" by kidnapping all the pets in town.

Midnight Sparkle and his MonstersEdit

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