Sam, Clover, Alex & Britney (Totally Spies! UK)
The Car-like A Great Host of Summer - with Adam is a mid-summer episode finale to during fun with...Adam in the Classic of Style Best of the Cars. The Four Spies getting a plan fight with...Pale Bay Leaf & Demon Racer getting into the best monsters from the past, to get rid of the fight them.

Built for SpeedEdit

When two members of Adam’s 1950’s stunt show challenge each other to a drag race, Divatox plants a bomb in one of the cars, with the vicious Demon Racer sent to distract the Turbo Rangers.

Every Dog Has His DayEdit

A talented police tracking dog called Smokey is looked after by Katherine, but Smokey’s instincts lead both of them to uncover a meticulous drilling operation conducted by The Machine Empire.

Grumble BeeEdit

When Billy receives his very first B, Rita sends down the Grumble Bee.

The Barillian StingEdit

Carlos & Cassie become infected with the sting of an alien creature deployed by the treacherous Darkonda.

How Does Your Garden GrowEdit

Little Ghoul says she's bored and Flabber is bewildered about how to keep her entertained.

Pale Bay Leaf & Demon RacerEdit

Pale Bay Leaf (Sonic X UK)
Demon Racer


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