A story of good & evil of the Terra Venture is a summer special to during with a debut of Scorpius's Death, Karone the Pink Ranger & Red Armor Ranger.

Heir to the ThroneEdit

  • Trakeena ends up on the villain oasis Onyx, where she runs afoul of some hoodlums. Her lack of fighting experience gets the best of her, but thanks to the honorable Villamax and Kegler, she's given a chance to train to become the warrior she was meant to be. Meanwhile, Deviot tricks Scorpius into going down to Terra Venture personally, led to believe Trakeena is being held hostage by the Rangers. Our heroes must use the Lights Of Orion to face their main enemy in a fight to the finish!

An Evil GameEdit

  • Trakeena, now controlling her departed father's army and Scorpion Stinger ship, targets the Rangers for murdering Scorpius. She captures Leo and holds him prisoner. Can his teammates find him in time? Meanwhile, Deviot unleashes two monsters of his own in an attempt to usurp Trakeena!

To The Tenth PowerEdit

  • Deviot acquires the Data Cards containing the Psycho Rangers, and uses it to bring them back to life! The Psychos target the Lost Galaxy Rangers, but their evil resurrection doesn't go unnoticed by a familiar face, and he's got four teammates on their way to help settle an old score...

The Power of PinkEdit

  • The last surviving Psycho Ranger, Psycho Pink, learns of the Savage Sword, a weapon more powerful than all the Quasar Sabers combined, from Kendrix's research of the Galaxy Book. She hunts the Savage Sword down, with both the Lost Galaxy and Space Pink Rangers on her trail. Can Cassie and Kendrix stop her in time, or will one of them have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Protect the Quasar SaberEdit

  • Kendrix's spirit informs Maya of the Pink Quasar Saber's location in a dream, though the machinations of Deviot sends the Lost Galaxy Rangers instead into a deadly trap! When the Saber ends up on the auction block at the villain-infested Onyx tavern, the only hope to keep it out of the hands of Trakeena is previous Queen of Evil, Astronema! But whose side is she on?

Facing the PastEdit

  • When all of the Rangers' powers are drained by Magnetox, Karone must face her dark past as Astronema to gain some powerful keys from a brave Warrior she once defeated, which will allow Leo to summon forth a Red Armored Power Ranger form.
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