The New Heroes - Beetleborgs Metallix (by 76859Thomas) - Official-UK
The Beetleborgs Metallix & Lord Zedd Returns is a 6-Parter to during fun a new heroes with..."Beetleborgs Metallix". to a against Nukus and his Crustaceans, to a evil ally named "Lord Zedd". to a plan time fun. Dark Oak threatens the town of Charterville. can't the help with...Numbuh One and his Sector V Operatives against...Nukus & Pirantishead.

Crush of the CrustaceansEdit

  • When Nukus defeats the Beetleborgs, only their civilian powers remain.

Metallix RisingEdit

  • There's a riot at Charterville Prison when the kids try to ward off the Crustacean soldiers.

Battle Station AlertEdit

  • The Beetleborgs retreat from the Worm Tank only to encounter Nukus, Horribelle and Vilor, so they transform into bugs to escape.

The MutinyEdit

  • Whilst out motocrossing for a charity event race, the Power Rangers witness strange occurrences in the sky. The cause of this is revealed to be the arrival of Lord Zedd, Rita’s superior. Tired of Rita’s failures, Lord Zedd exiles her and takes control himself, vowing to finish the Power Rangers off once and for all.
  • Pirantishead successfully freezes most of the Dinozords barring the Tyrannosaurus, which he instead turns against the Power Rangers. The Dragonzord also suffers the same fate. With two of their most powerful vetches under Lord Zedd’s control, Zordon & Alpha are forced to upgrade their defenses, and provide the Power Rangers with new Thunderzords.
  • The Power Rangers, aware that they need to regain control of the Dinozords in order to finish activating the Thunderzords, work on reclaiming them with the aid of an electronic scrambler developed by Billy.
Nukus (BBM-UK) - by 76859Thomas - First Episode
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