Fun in the during...Super Fun of the Memorial Heroes with...Sonic, In the Plan of Spies or gets love in it!.

Totally DunzoEdit

  • t has been decided that the Spies will be replaced by robots, and the agents and Jerry are forced to retire. But when the next super-villain strikes, while the former spies are out shopping, the robot agents are taken over by evil and kidnap Jerry. When the spies go to his house to investigate, Mandy follows them and is kidnapped too.
  • Following the evil robot agents to England, the Spies discover that Jerry's mother is responsible for the kidnapping of Jerry, Mandy, Britney, Dean and Blaine, after accidentally being turned evil by a machine that Jerry was testing. The spies are able to use the machine to turn the humans good again, but the robots are still on a rampage and must be defeated the old-fashioned way.

The Planet of MisfortuneEdit

  • Sonic and the others land on a planet inhabited by a race of creatures that specialize in fortune-telling and other mystic procedures. While Tails tries to repair the ship and find a way to get closer to Cosmo, Amy at the same time tries to use the planet's resources to get Sonic to fall for her, not surprisingly.
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