Fun in the during...Super Fun of the Memorial Heroes with...Sonic, In the Plan of Spies.

Like, So Totally Not SpiesEdit

  • It’s the day before the first day of Spring and Sam, Clover and Alex are at The Groove shopping for a new wardrobe when they come across a mystery vendor selling totally cool bracelets! Happy that they’ve finally found a fashion item that Mandy doesn’t have, the girls eagerly pop them on! The next morning, however, the girls wake up feeling quite strange. What they don’t realize is that the bracelets, were specifically designed to knock out the girls memories of being spies! With no recollection of WOOHP, or their super-spy abilities, the girls go about their lives like normal teens -- allowing the LAMOS to pursue their latest evil plot: to abduct and eliminate Jerry for once and for all! Will the girls be able to piece together the memories of their former lives and save Jerry… or will they remain permanently clueless?
  • Sam, Clover and Alex finally piece together their former lives but have they done so too late? With the LAMOS already taken Jerry captive and moving in on WOOHP, can the girls stop the LAMOS from carrying out their evil schemes without revealing that they got their memories back?

The Metarex FortressEdit

  • Eggman detects Two Chaos Emeralds in a Metarex base, so he makes a deal with Sonic and the gang for them to team-up. However, everyone has their suspisions about Eggman, and although he has offered a teamwork against the Metarex base, just what is the devious doctor up to?
  • Dark Oak and his army of Metarex army have confronted Sonic to take him down. But how will Sonic fight off all the Metarex and Dark Oak on his own? When all the 7 emeralds are together, both Sonic and Shadow turn into their Super forms. When Shadow demands the emeralds from Sonic and he refuses, Sonic and Shadow face off eachother. Just as they're fighting, a cosmic vortex opens up and begins to suck everything. As everything gets sucked up, what will happen to Sonic and the Metarex?

Sam vs. Dark OakEdit

Sam kick S4e19 - UK TV
Vlcsnap-2017-05-26-12h57m11s106 - Dark Oak - A Metarex Melee - TV-Rip British UK - by Andyscot

Clover vs. Red PineEdit

Clover kick S4e19 - UK TV
Red Pine (Sonic X UK)

Spies vs. Red PineEdit

Totally Spies! (UK TV Heroes)
Vlcsnap-2017-05-26-13h07m17s26 - Red Pine - Sonic X UK - A Metarex Melee - TV-Rip Andyscot
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