Super Fangula (BBM-UK) - by 76859Thomas
Super Fangula is a summer special episode to during in the plan called as "Super Fangula" to the defeat those Crustaceans and then Numbuh One to the defeat monsters from the past by Nukus. A get after fight for the plan of a Metarex Commander led by Yellow Zelkova. can't Numbuh One and his Operatives to the beat those like a evil plan to the defeat...Zelkova and his Monsters.

Super FangEdit

Count Fangula becomes a super hero by helping out the Beetleborgs defeat their enemies.

The Turn of the Wreteched WrenchEdit

Ashley begins to devote most of her time to catching up in Autoshop but Divatox’s latest scheme has her Maniac Mechanic steal her lucky wrench to build a Battle Wagon.

Spirit of the WoodEdit

Whilst jogging, TJ meets a mysterious young boy called Erutan whose power may be all that can aid the Power Rangers in their struggle to prevent Divatox from laying waste to the forests of Angel Grove.

Grumble BeeEdit

When Billy receives his very first B, Rita send down the Grumble Bee.

Second ChanceEdit

When Jason & Zack try and help a young boy Roger make the soccer team, Rita sends down her Socadillo who plays soccer by his own rules.

Zelkova and his MonstersEdit

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