Sam, Clover & Alex (Totally Spies! UK)
Spies in the Halloween, Plan Time After Time is a Halloween Special to during fun with...The Spies of WOOHP to get a plan as...Hate Master and her Two Halloween Monsters from Beetleborgs, can't he do it!

Stop the Hate MasterEdit

  • Rita & Zedd sends down the Hate Master to plant his evil seeds and turn the Power Rangers against one another.
  • With five of the Power Rangers under the influence of the Hate Master and regarding one another with contempt, Aisha discovers the truth behind her immunity to the Hate Master’s powers and realizes how it can also help the Power Rangers.

Bye, Bye FrankieEdit

  • When Drew, Jo and Roland go to Hillhurst on Halloween as trick-or-treaters, Frankenbeans is so intrigued with the idea that he sneaks out to explore.

Halloween Haunted House of HorrorsEdit

  • It's the resident monsters' favourite holiday -- Halloween -- and they plan to celebrate by snacking on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Hate Master and his MonstersEdit

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