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Sonic to the Test is a summer special episode to during Sonic goes on the Test. Meanwhile Black Narcissus with Icy Angel sends down the monsters are the plan for the deal & kill...Cosmo forever. Can't Sonic help and defeat Icy Angel and Black Narcissus.

Blue to the TestEdit

Kai is forced to question his loyalties to Commander Stanton when he begins acting strangely. Following his gut instincts enables the Blue Galaxy Ranger to uncover the truth, and is soon pitted against Stanton himself in a mental and physical battle of wills.

True Blue to the RescueEdit

Former Blue Ranger Justin is visited by Storm Blaster, having escaped from Divatox’s grip. The Blue Ranger & Storm Blaster unite when the remaining Space Rangers & Lighting Cruiser are on the verge of defeat.

Beware the Third WishEdit

Divatox come into possession of three wishing coins and uses one of them to turn Blue Senturion evil.

The Gardener of EvilEdit

Divatox continues her search for the third coin, as the Turbo Rangers battle the Blue Senturion.

Grumble BeeEdit

When Billy receives his very first B, Rita send down the Grumble Bee.

Putty on the BrainEdit

Lord Zedd casts a spell on Billy & Zack’s new glasses causing them to think their fellow Ranger friends are Z Putties.

The Power StealerEdit

While cleaning up Angel Grove, the teens get trapped by Octophantom who attempts to drain the Power Rangers of their powers.

Monsters with Black NarcissusEdit

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