Shadow Ranger (Official Character) - S13 - Commander Ranger - Halloween Special - by 76859Thomas
King Sombra in The Crystal Empire S3E01

S.P.D. Shadow Ranger: Curse of the King Shadow is a autumn episode to during best of the Halloween ever as...The King Sombra and tookover history years of the Crystal Empire led by the plan criminals as...Benaag & Drakel.


Haunted by nightmares of his past, Cruger is most intolerable to be around, biting people’s heads off at the slightest remark.

When an old enemy of Cruger’s kidnaps Kat, he vengefully attempts a rescue mission with the aid of a new morpher.


When Cruger refuses to help B-Squad battle Gruumm’s latest agent of destruction, the B-Squad are forced to solve their latest case without the aid of their commanding officer.

Two Shadow Criminals with King SombraEdit

Shadow Ranger vs. King SombraEdit

Shadow Ranger (Transform Morphing of a New Ranger of a Commander) - by 76859Thomas
Sombra 'What' S3E2
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