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Red in Rookie is a summer episode to during The Best of Red Lost Galaxy Ranger Ever. Meanwhile, Zelkova sends the monsters with a plan. Can't Numbuh 4 & Clover own it!

Rookie in RedEdit

  • Leo, desperate to find a purpose on Terra Venture starts training for a job at the GSA. Meanwhile, a monster named Horn plots to steal the Quasar Sabers to add to his collection of rare items.

To Flea or Not to FleeEdit

  • When Jason gets a strange rash from a lost dog, the Power Rangers later find out that Rita is behind this as she sends her deadly Fighting Flea to destroy our heroes.

On Fins and NeedlesEdit

  • When Tommy & Jason try to instill some good values into Angel Grove’s youth, Rita’s Slippery Shark casts a spell on the two making them hate one another.


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