Rangerpendence Day is a special of a fun with...Rocky the Blue Zeo Ranger. Britney and his Spies must work & defeat the army of monsters by...King Mondo.

Mondo's Last StandEdit

Rocky begins to feel as if he’s no longer needed with Jason now back with the team. King Mondo takes possession of the powerful sword that grants him incredible strength and uses it to begin an attack on Angel Grove.

Zedd WavesEdit

Lord Zedd’s latest monster transmits a powerful subconscious message into the minds of Angel Grove using radio frequencies, which also effects the Power Rangers.

Scavenger HuntEdit

As the Power Rangers play a round of Scavenger Hunt, Lord Zedd schemes to send the Power Rangers on a never-ending round of the game.

The Littlest BrattleborgEdit

Drew and Jo's cousin Oliver is the biggest Beetleborg fan ever. When Oliver wears his Beetleborg costume out to play, the Magnavors take him hostage.

The Good, The Bad, and the ScaryEdit

While Mums and Fangula argue over which of them is scarier, Wolfie searches Flabber's book for a spell to switch people's bodies.

King Mondo and his MonstersEdit

A Last Fight - King MondoEdit


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