Power Rangers "Theater" promos

Power Rangers "Theater" promos

Summer 99 brought about four theme weeks to the Power Playback run. Here are the promos for them:

1) Lost Galaxy "Sci-Fi Theater" week promos. The first time PRLG ran a full week worth of repeats.

2) Turbo "Monster Theater" week promos. Random week of random second-half Turbo eps.

3) Zeo "Secret Agent Theater" week promos. Spoofing 007's "Goldeneye" by having a Gold Ranger focus, with a narration by an Austin Powers ripoff, both of which had movies around this time.

4) MMPR "Ninja Theater" week promos. All season 3 eps.

5) MMPR "Mighty Morphin Wild West" promos. Not a week, but a pair of Saturday morning airings. I don't have the 2nd part's promo, but I think it was probably just this one re-tagged. Guess what movie came out at this time and they were trying to capitalize on?

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