Phantom (Big-Bad-Beetleborgs-UK) - by 76859Thomas
Phantom of the Hillhurst is a Halloween Episode to during fun of a play with Jo into Evil one of a best with the Phantom of the Hillhurst Mansion. Meanwhile, Midnight Sparkle had an idea for the monsters deal with Black Narcissus in it. can't help with...Numbuh 4 of the Kids Next Door.

Phantom of HillhurstEdit

  • A Phantom appears in Hillhurst, seeking his long lost love, who just happens to resemble Jo!

The Power StealerEdit

  • While cleaning up Angel Grove, the teens get trapped by Octophantom who attempts to drain the Power Rangers of their powers.

Welcome to Venus IslandEdit

  • When Trini’s young neighbour is kidnapped by Goldar while at the beach with the Power Rangers, they have to act fast and rescue her from the extremely dangerous Venus Island, where the Invenusable Flytrap is awaiting their arrival.

The Song of GuitardoEdit

  • When Lord Zedd spoils the teens picnic in the park, and unleashes his Guitardo monster on Angel Grove, it’s up to Kimberly & Tommy to rescue their friends from the trance Guitardo has them under.

Scent of a WeaselEdit

  • A mishap caused by a bungling Skull inspires Queen Machina to create a machine that will disperse a stench so overwhelming, the Zeo Rangers will not be able to overcome it in battle.

Oily to Bed, Oily to RiseEdit

  • Whilst out surfing, the Zeo Rangers discover a vast amount of toxic waste is heading towards the waters.

Do I Know You?Edit

  • The Gold Ranger’s identity continues to plague the Zeo Rangers, and they resolve to find a way of deducing it.

Monsters with Black NarcissusEdit

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